And now the mud… (Posko Klub Frisbee Jakarta/Sanggar Alam Kita)

We received an extra Rp. 1.25 million in pledges so last night I went and bought some more supplies and Ardy came out to my place last night on a motorbike to pick up donations. I only ended up spending Rp. 465,000 because that was all that would fit on the motorbike, so we still have some more thinking to do.

In fact, Ardy said that there were still some shortages of food, so the total haul last night was 1 box of instant noodles, 40 packets of biscuits, 8 x 50 packets of sanitary pads, and 10 tubs of antiseptic towelettes. We also got some extra in-kind donations of new clothes, and more sanitary pads.

Apparently the water has all subsided now, but people are still homeless as there is a foot of mud (filled with rubbish) caking the floors of their homes. Mattresses, clothes, school uniforms, books, furniture, (the list goes on) are all destroyed.

We had a whole lot more rain last night, but the water doesn’t seem to have risen much, while people still need everything they needed over the past week, they now also need shovels, gumboots, wheelbarrows, and equipment to clean out their houses… I think we’re going to need help from an NGO for this… Any takers? I spoke to someone from an NGO that I met in Jogja after the earthquake last year, so we’ll see if anything materialises…

sumber:, Thursday, February 08, 2007

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Posko Klub Frisbee Jakarta/Sanggar Alam Kita