Quick update (Posko Klub Frisbee Jakarta/Sanggar Alam Kita)

Despite raining all of last night, it seems as though the waters haven’t risen, although they haven’t really subsided either. No one has moved back home yet, and Deni’s grandmother is still stranded…

Food needs seem to be covered for the time being, and free health clinics are taking care of most of the health problems that people are encountering. Ardy feels that the number one priority now is still clothes and blankets. People literally ran out of their houses with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and after swimming through the floodwaters and then sleeping in those clothes for 5 days straight (and counting) skin ailments are starting to cause trouble. There is also still a shortage of women’s sanitary products, bandages, and wound cleaning solution.

Just in case anyone wants to head out there to donate, Ardy has set up a Posko at the following address in cooperation with Sanggar Alam Kita, a theatre club he is also involved in:

Posko Klub Frisbee Jakarta/Sanggar Alam Kita
Jl. Kampung Melayu Kecil 5
RT 14/RW 10 No. 1
Kampung Melayu

If you need directions call Ardy on +62856 9363 3125 (Indonesian), Rian +62813 1827 4323 (Indonesian) or me at +62816 138 1077 (English/Indonesian).

If anyone wants to come out with me, I’ll hopefully head out there again tomorrow evening, but it’s unlikely that I’ll make it there before sundown.

PS – Cybermap (http://www.cybermap.co.id/index.php) is how I find obscure streets in Jakarta, print off the map there before you go.

sumber: http://klubfrisbeejakarta.blogspot.com/, Thursday