Floods everywhere

The floods were in every corner of Jakarta. When I forced myself to go to the school, passing through the street which was filled by water, the class was only attended by half of the students.

I usually have 10 subjects with seven teachers. But out of seven, only four teachers were present to give lessons. The principal inspected each class, and found only half of the students were present.

He could do nothing, and even let the students go home early. The school bell usually rings at 3 p.m., but since the floods were everywhere, in every corner of Jakarta, we went home earlier. But goodness, the situation was not getting better.

The driver of the school bus did not come to work. The students who usually took the bus from the school to their homes were compelled to find an alternative solution.

I waited for a taxi, and spent almost Rp 50,000. It is not a small amount of money for me. But what could I do? I really have no idea about taking public transportation, moreover in such a situation where there are floods everywhere.

On my way home, what I could see was slum areas flooded. It occurred to me to thank God. Although I spent Rp 50,000 for the taxi, I thought it was nothing compared to what the people were suffering with destroyed homes.

Some lived on the banks of the Ciliwung River, and the only shelter for them were mosques and other public buildings such as school buildings, neighborhood administrative offices, etc.


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