Jakarta Flood Feb 2007

Jakarta city with population more than 7,5 milion persons have been strike by flood since last 1 week. Floods are common in Jakarta, which is seeing its worst flooding since 2002, but not on the scale as seen in recent week. The flood have been inundated 40 from 44 subdistrict in Jakarta with possibility afected to the more than 5,5 million person. At least 53 people have been killed in with more than 400,000 people left homeless after days of torrential rain. Data centre at Minister of Health Crisis till Wednesday 7 February of night also note 84.399 IDPs fall sick. The Head of Bappenas (National Planning Board) Pazkah Suzetta said that estimated lost approximattley Rp. 4,000 Billion.

The worst affected areas by flood are ;
Jakarta Pusat coveredsubdistrict of Tanahabang, Cempaka Putih, and Sawah Besar. In Tanah Abang the flood reaches 2 meters depth
Jakarta Timur coveredSubdistrict of Jatinegara, Cawang, Tebet, and Kramat Jati. In Jatinegara sub-district the flood reaches 7 meters depth.
Jakarta Utara, coveredSubdistrict of Kelapa Gading and Penjaringan which the flood reaches 2 meters depth.
Jakarta Selatan coveredSubdistrict of Tebet, Setiabudi, Mampang Prapatan, and Pasarminggu. There are 34 houses damaged in Bukit Duri – Tebet and Rawajati
Jakarta Barat coveredSubdistrict of Kebon Jeruk, Grogol, and Kali Deres.

The very minimum of water and sanitation facilities in evacuation center cause 18.799 IDPs falling to sick. Along last two-day, sum up sick is 27.381 IDPs. That is caused by the affected vulnerable people who live in evacuation place or house which still be muddy and dirty, place for the sleep which improperly and the less facility cause a lot of IDPs attacked by ISPA (Acute respiratory infection) and diarrhoea. At this time sum up 316.825 IDPs who spread in many places which very low facility will be bad progressively otherwise immediately get appropriate humanitarian service.

Casualties :
80 Death for all Jabotabek (Media Indonesia 10 Feb 2007)
420.440 IDPs for all Jabodetabek (Dept. of Health Version 8 Feb07)
101,872 houses inundated
The Water Supply company, PAM Lyonaisse Jaya only can serving 70 percent that usually serving 350.230 customer, only can serving 100,000 or 22,87 percent. Other Water Supply company TPJ (Thames PAM Jaya), that usually serving 374.211 customer, can only serving 165,000 43,82 percent.

IDPs per Municipalities (Kota) ;
Jakarta Timur : 69,343 persons (05 Feb07)
Jakarta Barat : 18,472 persons (05 Feb07)
Jakarta Pusat : 35,558 persons (05 Feb07)
Jakarta Utara : 20,947 persons (05 Feb07)
Jakarta Selatan : 56.370 persons (08 Feb07)

Before flood stricken, the community preparation to flood was very low, so ascertained their property swept away or damaged. Their economic sources, especially small home industries such as peddler, huckster, tahu/tempe home industries and home business along riverbank, and other worst affected areas have lost. The public Facility also a lot fall too damaged. That is likely almost affected population still have minimum awareness to risk of flood, although 40 percent of Jakarta surface are located on basin areas.

Worst impact from floods it this time is likely take place to the people who have high vulnerability of both on social economic and environmentally. That is especially to the residents which live in slump area, along riverbank or flood prone areas, stricken by hard floods, and pertained to have a low income source. Geographically they are located around of Ciliwung River such assubdistrict of Jatinegara, Tebet, Kramatjati, and Makasar. Especially spread on Kampung Melayu, Cipinang, Cawang, Bidara Cina, Bukit Duri, Kebon Baru, and Bidara Cina. Usually, almost of vulnerable people who lives in flood prone areas only have 9 – 11 month fully productive a year for economic activity because flood period will come 1-3 month a year.

What is the risk for humanitarian assistance ?
The Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) has forecast middle-heavy rain still come on the next month (February – March). Water level of Ciliwung River still above normal limit that’s still potential to flood.
low temperature and the high humidity as effect of rain exactly support the continuity of H5N1 virus life and also IDPs/affected population body endurance probably being quicken virus infection. So far, Jakarta is worst area for Bird Flue cases in
Deputy of Health Department DKI Jakarta, Salimar Salim asks people take heed of dangerous disease menacing after floods like leptospirosis. Cause of that diseases contagious through urine of mouse and easy to enter human body through bruise skin.
high emotion because coming under pressure by difficulty live, not equal aid with the need and facility cause people could be quickly fulminate. Aid distributions have potential threat scrambling by IDPs.
Affected area has the tendency for conflict. The area is very close to other areas and everyone is very high temperament at the moment. The case: if we distribute NFI in Cipinang melayu only, then the people in areas nearby will be envious especially if the NFI we distributed are different than the one they got. This will create problem in the implementor level.
Office and Warehouse should not be established on the flood areas, The case: If office/warehouse is on the flood areas, so many people will come to the office/warehouse (especially the people who live in that area) and asking for the goods, and this will disturb our work.

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