Indonesia flood toll rises to 85

JAKARTA: Floods which have inundated at least three Indonesian provinces including the capital Jakarta for more than a week have claimed 85 lives, officials said on Sunday.

Nearly half a million people are still unable to return to their homes. The death toll rose by five after more deaths in West Java, said an official at the national disaster agency.

He said that most of the victims were washed away by flash floods, while others were electrocuted by live wires or killed by other accidents or diseases.

“A total of 48 people have been killed in Jakarta so far, 16 of which died because of electrocution. Floods in West Java killed 24, while in Banten province 13 people were killed,” the official said.

Torrential rains have finally ceased in Jakarta, and residents have been attempting to dry their clothes, sodden documents and other belongings.

However, the meteorology office has warned that downpours will continue until the end of the rainy season in March. About 487,000 people remained in temporary shelters across the affected areas, unable to return to homes damaged by the floods or still underwater.