‘Jakarta is old and unorganized’

Politicians have been quick to float the idea of relinquishing Jakarta of its title of capital city, and moving it to another area because of the recent floods that paralyzed it for nearly a week. The Jakarta Post asked some residents what they thought about the issue.

Galuh is a mother of two, living on Jl. Sudirman, Central Jakarta:

The idea of moving the capital city is a good one because Jakarta is already inappropriate for people to live. Many countries have proof that a capital city doesn’t have to be a business center. Canberra, for example, is a new city, while Melbourne is a business center.

As long as the spatial planning of the new city is good, creating a good and friendly environment for people, it is a good idea to move the capital city.

By moving the capital city to another part of the country, the government will have a huge chance to create a better environment for the city. I am sure the decision to move would trigger many negative reactions, but as long as the new place creates a better environment for people, many will benefit from it.

Zaky Al Hamzah is a journalist in Jakarta:

The government should move the capital city to another place so Jakarta can be a concentrated business city. An imbalance between the city’s statutes as the capital and business center makes it hard for the government and people here to maintain its spatial management. Jakarta is an old and unorganized city.

The idea of moving the capital is not new, but the government seems to have no political will.

The city’s nature as a capital and business center has attracted many people here, causing problems associated with urbanization. By moving the capital, the city will automatically have fewer burdens.

Places such as Balikpapan and Surabaya are good candidates for being the capital. From a spatial planning point of view they are much better than Jakarta, and geographically they are accessible to people from both eastern and western parts of the country.

Surely, it will take lots of resources and funds, but if Jakarta remains the capital city in the future, the cost will be greater. It will surely continue to crowd and no investors will approach the country.

–The Jakarta Post

sumber: http://www.thejakartapost.com/detailcity.asp?fileid=20070212.C04&irec=3, February 12, 2007