Source: Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

Date: 09 Feb 2007
Save Australia increases assistance for Jakarta flood relief
AA 07 05

Australia will boost its emergency relief for people impacted by Indonesia’s floods to $250,000, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Greg Hunt, announced today.

Mr Hunt said Australia will provide $100,000 in emergency food aid for the survivors of the Jakarta floods.

On Monday, the Parliamentary Secretary announced an initial $150,000 for emergency food parcels and hygiene kits being delivered through the Indonesian Red Cross.

‘This new contribution will allow the rapid delivery of food aid in the form of high-energy biscuits and noodles to thousands of flood victims in Jakarta,’ Mr Hunt said.

‘It is expected the food aid, provided through the World Food Programme, will be distributed over the next 24 hours.’

‘Australia has now contributed a quarter of a million dollars towards the relief effort for hygiene kits, food, water and sleeping mats.

‘While waters are receding in some areas, there was has been further heavy rain and 75 per cent of Jakarta remains affected by flooding.

‘Yesterday Indonesian Ministry of Health officials put the number of people displaced by the floods at 400,000, with up to 50 people dead. Numbers of displaced are expected to fall as people begin returning to their homes.

‘Local forecasts predict continuing rain. Australian Embassy officials are in close contact with the Government of Indonesia and international donors on emerging needs resulting from the flooding.

‘No information has been received on any Australian casualties and the Australian Government continues to monitor the situation,’ Mr Hunt said.

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