Relief aid reaches remote Bekasi village

The Jakarta Post, Bekasi

Due to its remote location and rocky access, flood-stricken Segera Makmur village in North Bekasi did not receive any relief aid until Saturday.

The coastal village had been neglected by the government and by larger organizations until cellular operator PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk arrived to distribute basic food items and medicine.

“We have brought with us staple food products, money to repair a damaged elementary school and a number of medical workers. The team also comprises alternative healers from Hikmatul Hikman in Bandung and social activists to talk to the children, who may need special assurance they are safe after losing so much in the flood,” said Arifa Febrianti, the company’s general manager for Greater Jakarta.

The floodwaters have receded in the village, which lies on the border of North Jakarta and Bekasi, but buildings and roads are still caked with mud.

The relief group traveled to the village by helicopter. A truck, carrying the food, was cheered by residents when it arrived later in the day.

“We’re overjoyed by all this attention because since the village flooded on Feb. 2, residents here have not received anything, not even from the regency administration,” village head Amrah said. –P.J. Leo

February 21, 2007