Who’s responsible for garbage?

One of the tasks facing the city administration in the wake of the recent flood is disposing of the garbage and debris that was left covering the ground and floors when the waters receded. The Jakarta Post asked some people what they thought about the issue.

Irfan Mappaseng is an employee of a state-owned enterprise who lives in Penggadegan, South Jakarta:

The handling of garbage in the aftermath of the flood needs to be taken seriously by the city administration. Floods are natural disasters and in order to handle disasters there needs to be an organization that is directly responsible, like the National Guard in the U.S.

That organization responds quickly to any kind of disaster, especially when a great many lives are at stake.

We have the Provincial Disaster Coordination Board (Satkorlak) but it seems to me it doesn’t do enough in the wake of a disaster. We are left with the feeling that no one’s responsible, including for taking care of the garbage problem.

Dan Nggebu is a volunteer who works at prisons in Jakarta. He lives in Menteng, Central Jakarta:

The government seems preoccupied by the disaster itself and has neglected cleanup efforts. Every day on the way to work I pass Kampung Melayu (East Jakarta) where the trash is still piled high.

If the city floods every year, the government should have anticipated not only the flood but also its impacts.

The other week on TV, officials were blaming each other for the garbage problem. The government does not know the first thing about disaster management. Governor Sutiyoso said his administration lacked the heavy equipment to pick all the garbage up at once. It’s a lame excuse, considering this happens every year.

–The Jakarta Post

sumber: http://www.thejakartapost.com/detailcity.asp?fileid=20070221.C05&irec=4
February 21, 2007