‘They have learned their lesson’

The Jakarta administration is struggling to dispose of the garbage and debris that lay scattered across the city when the floodwaters receded. The Jakarta Post asked some residents for their opinions on the issue.

R. Adi Sudradjat, 30, is the director of a local IT company. He lives in Setiabudi, South Jakarta:

I have not noticed any garbage problems in my area. I live downtown near my workplace, in the busy business district of Jl. Sudirman, South Jakarta.

During the flood, many areas near where I live were inundated and the garbage did pile up here and there. However, when the waters receded, the garbage quickly vanished.

However, I have heard that in places such as Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta, and Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, the garbage is still there.

This is a matter for the city administration. It should really put more effort into dealing with the problem.

As for the citizens, I think they have learned their lesson, many of them are second-time flood victims.

Laris Naibaho, 48, is the head of the association for newspaper deliverymen. He lives in Bangka, South Jakarta:

We have to elect a good governor in the upcoming election. I mean, the problem of garbage, which we’re dealing with today as a a consequence of the big flood in the city, should have been anticipated.

What has Governor Sutiyoso done for the city in the last decade?

The city administration should estimate the volume of garbage produced by the millions of people living in the city and make a comprehensive plan to deal it.

The people must be taught to dispose of their waste in the correct manner and the administration should invest in the right technology to process it.

— The Jakarta Post

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