ChildFund works with flood-affected families in Jakarta
14 Feb 2007 03:26:00 GMT
Source: ChildFund Australia
Website: http://www.childfund.org.au
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ChildFund teams in Jakarta have been working round the clock to provide children and families with emergency assistance following floods in Indonesia’s capital.

Around 300,000 people have been displaced and 94 killed in Jakarta as a result of extensive flooding throughout the city and surrounding areas. Over 417 Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps have been established to help temporarily house the thousands left homeless after the torrential downpours last week, which are forecast to continue next week. ChildFund projects in East Jakarta, West Jakarta and South Jakarta, as well as in the province of Banten, have been seriously affected by the flood, impacting an estimated 2,235 families supported by ChildFund. ChildFund Indonesia is providing basic food items, including rice, eggs, biscuits, instant milk, cooking oil, bottled water and supplemental food for children under five years to families in the affected project areas. The Indonesian government is also taking action to assess the impact of the flood and is providing food, clean water and medical supplies. The government has plans to set up five large evacuation “tent” centres with facilities for up to 5,000 people. “ChildFund’s project staff in Jakarta are providing essential items to children and families affected by the flooding,” says Nigel Spence, CEO of ChildFund Australia. “In particular, clean drinking water is becoming increasingly important to help prevent potentially dangerous illnesses in children such as diarrhoea.”

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The UMCOR Hotline
13 Feb 2007 20:12:00 GMT
Source: United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) – USA
Rosita Cortez
Website: http://www.umcor.org
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African hunger :
Sri Lanka conflict
Indonesia mudflow
Java earthquake
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UMCOR is working with SHADE (Sojourner: Help, Advocacy, Development, Education), a ministry of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa that addresses issues of hunger and poor nutrition among women with HIV/AIDS, their children and orphans. SHADE provides feeding centers, food distribution as well as nutrition classes and help for agricultural projects.

In the past year SHADE reached thousands of people in six countries with their programs. Please give to SHADE, UMCOR Advance #180001 and help eradicate hunger in Africa.


Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, is suffering from torrential rains and flooding that has left nearly 300,000 people in need of emergency assistance. UMCOR is assisting Action by Churches Together members already working in the area to provide relief supplies, shelter, food, and medical care to some 20,000 survivors. Your gifts to UMCOR Advance #982450, International Disaster Response, help UMCOR to respond to this and many other disasters throughout the world.


The HIV/AIDS and Malaria Team is an important part of the United Methodist Church of Cameroon’s ministry. This team travels to rural areas and conducts workshops teaching people how they can prevent malaria through some basic measures like cleaning up standing water, wearing long sleeves and using mosquito nets at night. In each village the team walks down streets and knocks on doors to invite people to their workshops. They seek out those most vulnerable to malaria: pregnant women and young children and ensure they have mosquito nets to keep them protected.

This is but one program of many that are part of the United Methodist Community-Based Malaria Control Program. This holistic program is saving lives throughout Africa. Your contributions to Malaria Control, UMCOR Advance #982009, will further this effort.


Two years after the tsunami thousands still live in temporary shelters with no way to earn a living. UMCOR has been working with Agricultural Missions International to help survivors in India and Sri Lanka where the poor are often locked out of relief and reconstruction assistance. During the first year Agricultural Missions reached more than 30,000 people in India alone. This is just one way your generous gifts in response to the tsunami are helping some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

UMCOR provides emergency relief in many areas of the world. To find out more about UMCOR’s ministries, please visit umcor.org. You can donate to any project by placing a contribution in the offering plate at a local United Methodist church; by sending a check to UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087-9068; or by calling 1-800-554-8583, where credit card donations are accepted. You can also give online by clicking on any of the “Give Now” links. UMCOR is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors.

And, please pray for those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of these and other natural and human-made disasters, and for the workers who minister to them.

BE SURE TO RECEIVE OUR HOTLINE EMAILS. MAKE UMCOR YOUR BUDDY! Some Internet Service Providers like AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Juno use email filtering software that allows you to add email addresses to a “buddy,” “trusted,” “safe,” or approved list. Please add umcor@gbgm-umc.org to your list so that our messages don’t end up in “junk mail” or the “trash.”

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IMC Responds to Devastating Floods in Indonesia
13 Feb 2007 16:36:00 GMT
Source: International Medical Corps (IMC) – USA
Natalia Cieslik
Website: http://www.imcworldwide.org
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** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ** Tyler Marshall Director of Communications tmarshall@imcworldwide.org 202-828-5155 ext. 309 240-485-8391 cell

Edi Cosic, IMC Country Director, Indonesia, 62-811-834-811 In Jakarta, Dina Prior, 62-8119-87-533, dprior@imcworldwide.org

IMC Responds to Devastating Floods in Indonesia Santa Monica, Calif., February 13, 2007 – International Medical Corps is responding to the devastating floods in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Working with long-time partner, Ambulan 118 – a local non-governmental organization that provides emergency medical personnel, supplies and drugs – IMC teams are currently providing medical assistance in areas with large gaps in primary health care service. While water levels have gone down survivors are still in urgent need of food, clean water and medical assistance. IMC and its local partner operate four mobile clinics and see hundreds of patients every day. The distribution of pre-stocked medication to the sick helps to mitigate flood related diseases like respiratory tract infections, gastritis, and dermatitis. According to news reports local hospitals are overwhelmed with people suffering from waterborne diseases. IMC’s response is closely coordinated with local health authorities who fear the floods might cause widespread and severe diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid from contaminated drinking water.

“The need for our mobile clinics continues because ten hospitals and 14 health centers in the area are affected by the floods. Now people are returning to their homes but they are at high risk of contracting infectious diseases because the drinking water is contaminated,” says Edi Cosic, IMC Country Director Indonesia. “We will work closely with the local authorities and hope to assist the flood-affected communities during the recovery phase.” Jakarta and nearby areas have been hit by the worst floods in five years. People are slowly returning to their homes but according to news reports about 2,300 are still displaced in Jakarta alone. 94 people have died, and in some areas water levels reached up to 10 feet. The physical destruction will take months to repair, with homes, schools, and roads completely destroyed.

International Medical Corps has been operating in the area since 1999. As a first-responder after the 2004 tsunami that killed 250,000 people across Southeast Asia, IMC was able to deliver medical services and supplies to the people of Indonesia within hours of the disaster. Indonesia also has been hard-hit by a succession of large earthquakes in the past two years. International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs. Established in 1984 by volunteer doctors and nurses, IMC is a private, voluntary, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization. Its mission is to improve the quality of life through health interventions and related activities that build local capacity in underserved communities worldwide. By offering training and health care to local populations and medical assistance to people at highest risk, and with the flexibility to respond rapidly to emergency situations, IMC rehabilitates devastated health care systems and helps bring them back to self-reliance.

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Buat korban banjir…. from LG

LG Electronics Indonesia conduct
Corporate Social Responsibility Program named
“ONE STOP POINT – LG Love & Care”

Kind of :
FREE Laundry with washing machine
FREE LG product repair service
FREE Medical Service co-work with Medical Faculty of Trisakti University

Supported by Labor Union, and open for Volunteer from community & NGO, and media partner :
JakTV (local Jakarta TV Station)
Operational Hours : 09:00 – 15:00 for each point

1st period ( 2007.02.11-13 ) Location are :
# JakTV Parking Lot,
( contact : Mr. Feri Hartoyo = 0812-9855550 )
# KTC Mall Kelapa Gading,
( contact : Mr. Alex Dalimbua = 0813-83779029 )
# Pondok Bahar Lestari Housing Complex (
contact : Mr. Ricky = 0815-8186294 )

2nd period ( 15-17 FEBRUARI 2007 ) Location are :
# Carefour Parking Lot (Cempaka Putih),
( contact : Mr. Alex Dalimbua = 0813-83779029 )
# Bojong Nangka Village (near F2 LGEIN),
( contact : Mr. Ricky = 0815-8186294 )
# Bukit Duri Housing Complex
( contact : Mr. Feri Hartoyo = 0812-9855550 )

3rd priod ( 19-21 FEBRUARI 2007 ) Location are :
# Carefour Parking Lot (Puri Kembangan),
( contact : Mr. Ricky = 0815-8186294 )
# Carefour Parking Lot (Bekasi),
( contact : Mr. Alex Dalimbua = 0813-83779029 )
# Carefour Parkir Lot (Duta Merlin),
( contact : Mr. Feri Hartoyo = 0812-9855550 )


sumber: virgina veryastuti

Jakarta Flood : Muslim Aid’s Emergency Relief

Muslim Aid has completed nearly 80% of the distribution of emergency aid for the victim of flood disaster to more than 50 points in Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Timur, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Selatan, Bekasi, and Tangerang. Muslim Aid has a tight relationship with local community in Kampung Melayu, Kuningan Barat, Rawa Buaya, Mauk (Tangerang), Cabang Bungin (Bekasi), and Jatiasih (Bekasi). Please coordinate

We will update you with more detailed information about our relief operation here. Thanks

sumber: “Akhyari Hananto,SE” (coordinatormuslimaidyogya@gmail.com)

Bantuan Pasca Banjir

Kami dari Forum warga Kota jakarta (FAKTA) hingga saat ini masih mendampingi warga korban banjir Jakarta dari beberapa kampung yang berada di sekitar Cipinang Besar Selatan, Halim, Kebun nanas, Kampung Rorotan, Simpruk, Tebet, Kampung Melayu dan Penas. Saat ini para korban memang sudah mulai kembali dan membersihkan rumah mereka. Namun warga masih membutuhkan bantuan berupa alat-alat kebersihan dan obat untuk menghilangkan bau akibat banjir yang menenggelamkan rumah mereka. Selain itu membutuhkan bantuan alat-alat rumah tangga mereka serta alat-alat tulis dan pakaian sekolah bagi anak-anak mereka yang hanyut saat banjir

Bagi kawan-kawan yang mau membantu bisa mengirimkan dan menyebarkan email informasi ini. Bantuan bisa dikirmkan ke: Posko Bantuan dan Pengaduan Korban banjir Jakarta 2007 FAKTA di Jl. Pancawarga IV no:44 RT:3 RW;7, Belakang Gudang Seng Kalimalang Jakarta Timur, telp: 8569008.

Atas bantuannya kami mengucapkan terima kasih.

azas tigor nainggolan

sumber: azas nainggolan (azastigor@yahoo.com)

Cash for WorkBaznas Dompet Dhuafa Paska Banjir

Program Pasca Banjir

Ass wr wb,

Ketika banjir surut ternyata penderitaan saudara-saudara kita tak pupus. Sampah dan hilangnya alat produksi serta sarana kerja telah menjadi potensi untuk semakin memperparah taraf kehidupan mereka terutama korban dari kalangan miskin di jabotabek.

Baznas Dompet Dhuafa saat ini mendorong sebuah program dengan tajuk CASH FOR WORK. Kegiatan ini dimaksudkan untuk mengajak dan menggerakkan masyarakat agar dapat membantu para korban banjir, utamanya dari keluarga miskin yang bergerak di sektor informal agar dapat melakukan aktifitasnya kembali pasca banjir.

Program ini berupa aktifitas padat karya bagi masyarakat untuk membersihkan lingkungan dan fasilitas umum, memberikan bantuna peralatan kerja bagi sektor informal, serta bantuan peralatan bekerja bagi guru dan pekerja pendidikan.

Dengan pelaksanaan program yang terencana dan dikelola oleh unit LPM yang teruji untuk kegiatan seperti ini, pada tahap awal Program ini digulirkan dengan dana masyarakat sebesar Rp 300 Juta Rupiah. Tahap berikutnya akan dikembangkan dengan dana donatur dan CSR perusahaan.

Semoga ini dapat menggugah dan menginspirasi teman-teman untuk terus membantu korban pasca banjir di jabotabek.


Moh. Arifin Purwakananta

sumber: “Arifin Purwakananta” (purwakananta@dompetdhuafa.or.id)

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